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40 ways to beat an Illinois DUI

Here are the 40 easiest ways to Get out of a DUI in Illinois

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A starring Role for Drivers who Drink

The purposes of the billboards and the Web site, Mr. Thomas has said, are to inform the public about drunken-driving laws, and to serve as a deterrent.

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Secret Breathalyzer Software finally Revealed

The accuracy of these machines, which essentially determine a suspect’s guilt or innocence, depends upon the accuracy of the software driving them; as the computer techs say, “Garbage in, garbage out”.

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New Jersey Source Code Attack on DUI Breath Test Machines

Software version 3.11 used to program the Alcotest model 7110 MK-III-C and the admissibility of its results in not only the politically sensitive area of prosecuting alleged drunk drivers but other areas as well.

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Take My Breath Away

True or False? Sucking on a penny or a breath mint will help someone who has been drinking defeat a breathalyzer test?

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Do Police Officers Lie?

Read about a real case in which a police officer was caught lying about a DUI case.

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State Bill Seeks to Mandate DUI Interlock Devices for Non-DUI Charges

State lawmakers in Washington State have proposed a bill that would require DUI...

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