The Best DUI/DWI Defense - Harmful Effects
Harmful Effects

Many people know that alcohol can have effects on their liver and brain, but did you know it can also have damaging effects on many other organs? Alcohol can also effect your reproductive system, central nervous system, heart and other areas such as lungs, bones, stomach and more.


Harmful Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

  •   Mild Euphoria
      Loss of Inhibition
      Extreme mood swings
      Emotional outbursts
      Depression of the nerve cells dulling and damaging their ability to respond
      Large amounts of alcohol cause sleep, anesthesia, respiratory failure, coma, and even death
      Long therm drinking may cause permanent brain damage, serious mental disorders and addiction


Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Lungs

  •   Breathing may stop with large doses of alcohol, causing death
  •   Lower resistance to infection

Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Liver

  •   Inflammation of the liver cells (alcoholic hepatitis) is possible with heavy drinking leading to irreversible lesions, scarring, and ultimate destruction of liver cells (cirrhosis)
  •   Impairs liver's ability to remove yellow pigment, and jaundice occurs
  •   Fluid Build up in extremities (edema)
  •   Decrease of production of blood clotting factors , leading to possible hemorrhaging
  •   Accumulation of fat in liver causing liver failure, coma, and even death


Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Reproductive System

  •   Impairing and deterioration of sexual functioning, sometimes resulting in irreversible impotence and infertility
  •   Increases risk of developing breast cancer
  •   Drinking during pregnancy, there is a significant increase in delivering a child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (small head, brain  damage, abnormal facial feature, poor muscle tone, speech and sleep disorders, retarded growth and development)


Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Central Nervous System

  •   Impaired visual ability
  •   Unclear hearing
  •   Dulled smell and taste
  •   Loss of pain perception
  •   Altered sense of time and space
  •   Impaired motor skills
  •   Slowed reactions
  •   Impaired sexual performance
  •   Numbness in extremities
      Harmful effects of Alcohol on eyes 
      Distorted vision
  •   Unable to adjust to light
  •   Red eyes
  •   Pinpoint pupils


Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Ears

  •   Inability to distinguish between sounds
  •   Unable to perceive direction of sounds


Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Mouth

  •   Slurred speech
  •   Dulling of taste
  •   Reduction of desire to eat


Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Throat

  •   Irritation and damage of esophagus lining
  •   Severe vomiting
  •   May cause hemorrhaging, pain, and cancer
  •   Difficulty swallowing


Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Heart

  •   Heart muscle is weakened in ability to pump (cardiomyopathy)
  •   Heart enlargement
  •   Abnormal heart signs, irregular beat
  •   Increase in blood pressure
  •   Risk of heart attack and stroke
  •   White and red blood cell production is inhibited


Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Muscles

  •   Weakening of muscles and atrophy
  •   Pain and muscles spasms
  •   Tenderness may occur in muscles as well


Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Stomach

  •   Irritation of stomach lining
  •   Ulcers
  •   Inflammation
  •   Bleeding lesions
  •   Cancer of the stomach


Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Pancreas

  •   Risk of chronic inflammation


Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Intestines

  •   Irritation of intestinal tract and colon
  •   Chronic drinking results in inflammation, ulcers, and cancer
  •   Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, and loss of appetite may occur
  •   Small intestine is unable to process nutrients and vitamins


Harmful Effects of Alcohol on Bones

  •   Bones become weak because alcohol interferes with body’s ability to absorb calcium
  •   May cause osteoporosis (soft, brittle, thin, weak bones)


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