The ABC's of BAC

Which is worse, Beer or Hard liquor? Does weight effect one's BAC level? What about gender?  Does food or coffee effect your Blood Alcohol content? Find answers to these questions and more in the Blood Alcohol section above.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has published a brochure called, “The ABCs of BAC.” It can be found on their web site at this address:

(Since their web site changes periodically, you may not find the brochure at the link provided. In that case you can go to the web site and use their search feature to find it.)

The brochure is structured in a question and answer format. For example, by reading it you will get the definition of BAC as “the amount of alcohol in a person’s body is measured by the weight of the alcohol in a certain volume of blood.” You will also find out that alcohol is absorbed and can be measured between 30 to 70 minutes after you drink, Locksmiths Pros.

The best part of the brochure is a table that shows the effects of various BAC readings on your ability to recognize problems and use your judgment properly.






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